Frequently Asked Questions - Student/Parent

AimUno is an online platform which enables parents and students to find the right tutor for them. We hope to make personal tuitions accountable by allowing students to leave reviews for tutors and help others to find their perfect match.

AimUno seeks to offer tuition in all subjects at school level (class 1-12).

At our homepage, you will see a search tutor tab with options for Subject and Area Code. Enter your specifications and wait for options to appear. Click on the most appropriate options, and then click on search tutor.

Once you share your location, you can see tutors in Tutor Chat window on right. You can directly talk to tutors and ask for any details you like to ask.

Alternatively, once you have signed up and logged in as a student, you will see a Search Tutors button at your profile page. This will link you to our homepage where you can follow the process advised above.

You will see Chat with Tutor option on tutor full profile page. Write your message to tutor and start conversation. Fix up the class timings and keep improving.

No. We don't take any payment from student or parent.

Yes. You directly pay to the tutor.

Absolutely Yes. Start the chat with tutor, ask questions, share contact information etc.

Reviews and ratings are our system of feedback to tutors from students. Students are requested to rate the tutors after every session.

Tutors are not required to have a B.Ed. degree to join our site, as we believe that people specializing in their fields or pursuing schools subjects at higher levels of education offer equally competent education. Tutors who have a B.Ed. degree often mention this in their profiles.

For any questions, please email us on